Sold: Elliott Omnimil 00 vertical ram-head milling machine

Elliott Omnimil 00 vertical and ram-head milling machine. A wonderfully compact but versatile miller with an excellent working envelope and the ability to tilt and swing the head. Complete with the full set of table-power feed pick-off gears. I have had this for a good number of years and it's done everything I needed but it is now too big for my needs and has been replaced by a smaller machine. The horizontal system motor and the suds pump motor were disconnected when I obtained it,  but I never noticed their absence. If you need them they will need re-wiring into the control panel (wiring diagrams are in the handbook) plus a cutter arbor and overarm support which I do not have (the overarm is present). The horizontal spindle appears to have a 30 Int nose taper, NOT 3 MT as stated in the manual. The suds pump will also need a hose. The horizontal and vertical table feeds are nice and smooth and have imperial adjustable dials and there is some backlash on all – but the adjustable dials allow that to be accounted for. I have done gear cutting and jig boring as well as normal milling jobs with no problem. With the machine came three small blemishes on the table but have not given me any problems. The auto feed and auto ‘knock-off’ works fine in both directions and there's a full set of gears for the feed gearbox stored in the rear-hinged belt guard for the horizontal spindle. The vertical system uses a ¾ HP, 400/440 volt 3-phase motor and the multiple pulley system allows a wide variety of speeds of the spindle which has a 3 MT socket. The vertical head belt guard I removed but is supplied – it is fibreglass and has a small crack in it but still functions correctly. Instruction manual and parts list included. One knob is missing from the control panel. There is no tooling or 3-phase supply with the machine as they are needed for my replacement machine. It does come with a ‘tram head’ with ½ inch shank for setting the quill vertically to the table. It's heavy – around ½ ton! It is in my garage which has a level apron outside it for loading and I have a 2-ton pallet truck to move it - but at my advanced years may need help! £1500 or sensible offers - I now need the room. Located in Sheffield. Contact: Full details of these Elliott Omnimils here



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