Sold: Myford Super 7B based Minikop lathe

MYFORD Mk.1 Minikop Lathe. This machine is one of the first  50 Minikops manufactured by Myford and based on the Super 7B - a machine equally capable of being run as any Super 7B but with the added benefit of hydraulically-controlled, infinitely-variable feed on the Z axis and hydraulic copying equipment. The latter facility allows the user to manufacture short-batch runs or complex shapes such as petticoat pipes, carburettor bell mouths, etc, all without CNC control. 
This lathe is in need of some refurbishment - the paintwork is the original but in poor condition. The hydraulics last ran several years ago, so the system ought to be flushed and possibly the pipes replaced - these can be obtained from a hydraulic specialist. Differences from a standard Super 7 include the saddle handwheel on the chuck side of the apron and a straight rather than gap bed. The spindle does not have the standard Myford nose, but the bearings are identical and I’ll include a standard spindle as part of the sale. The motor is a 2 h.p. two-speed with far more power and the ability to run at much higher speeds.
Complete with a screwcutting gearbox, spindle clutch, industrial cabinet stand, raising blocks and coolant pump. Sadly, I've concluded that I have too many projects and whilst I’d love to eventually get around to it, reality says otherwise, so it’s up for sale, hopefully to someone who appreciates it as a rare piece of machinery from the pre-CNC era.
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Newton Abbot
United Kingdom
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