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Sold: Robblak hand-operated shaper

Believed to be from the Robert Black factory, this shaper appears to be from the Edwardian period as the style of the only lettering on the down slide indicates ( see photo ) The table size is about 10 X 9 inches, tool down-feed 1.5 inches with a cross feed of 6 inches. Automatic cross feed ( left or right ) can be selected .The main unit is cast iron and the whole unit weighs about 35 kgs. The unit was found in poor condition and had to be refurbished with a new feed-screw and bronze nuts ( 14mm X 3 mm Pitch ). The main body  has been milled down to remove corrosion and then hand scraped to finish. The ram and down-feed slides have been reworked to ensure correct function .All guideways having been lubricated with T33 slideway oil .The central lug of the base plate has been broken off and will be repaired with an inset laser profiled part, suitably attached. An upgrade is available which replaces the base plate by a box cube and an "angle-plate work surface" -  much in the style of the Adept No. 2 hand shaper.This renders the unit far more versatile as the height of the workpiece and vice is easily adjusted.
I purchased this shaper as a lockdown project and is now ready to move to a new home as I progressed to a powered shaper by SEBA 350 ( Pinondo ) - quite a machine, extremely versatile with powered down feed and auto retract for the clapperbox ( see photo ). Details of Robblak shapers here

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