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Sold: Rollo 6.5-inch Geared-headstock Lathe

Rollo 6.5" x 30" all-geared headstock lathe with a full screwcutting gearbox and clutch control of the spindle. Made by Rollo Industries at the Barrmor Tool Works in Easdale, Scotland, the Roll 6.5-inch was a very heavily built, gap-bed lathe used in Army mobile workshops and manufactured until the mid 1950s. Fitted with a 3-jaw chuck, 4-way toolpost, faceplate and tailstock chuck, also inclued are a number of other items bar stock and cutting tools, etc. Compact and with a complete specification, drive comes from a motor, neatly contained within the cabinet base. The saddle is formed with unusually long T-slots across a wide, raised flat area to the right of the cross slide to make a useful boring table. Long-term stored - but kept well oiled - this Rollo is in remarkably good original unmodified condition and ideal for a keen vintage car restorer or the more ambitious model engineer. £575 Details of Rollo Lathes here.



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