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Sold: Smart & Brown Model A Lathe + masses of tooling

Smart and Brown Model A MkII toolroom lathe for sale. The lathe was restored by its previous owner and has a lovely paint job and engine-turned apron.  Everything works very well, the powered feeds in both directions, the very useful autofeed knock-off, the screwcutting gearbox, etc, - all are function perfectly. The Lathe comes with all the tooling S&B ever sold, plus some extras which the previous owner made himself. Items include:  taper-turning attachment, spindle collets and drawbar with (rare) cone and fir-tree collets, faceplate, two 3-jaw chucks (one a most useful "Tudor" type with each jaw adjustable on its serrated seating), 4-jaw independent chuck, 4-jaw self centering chuck, micrometer bed stop, travelling steady, spindle indexing attachment (homemade), broaching attachment (homemade), radius-turning attachment (homemade), a dividing head (homemade), tailstock drill chucks & centres and a spare drive belt, etc. Also included are the custom-made cabinets that hold the tooling (some would say that this alone is probably worth more than I'm asking for the lathe...).
Bad points:  The drive motor has blown a capacitor which helps with the starting, so you have to give the spindle a little twist to get it going (but is then fine at full speed).  It's not an original motor and will be easy to replace.  The bed has some wear and dents near the headstock.  The tailstock is stamped with the same serial number as the lathe, but is a little lower than the headstock by about 0.2mm (I only realised after about 8 years). If nobody buys the lathe, then I will dismantle it and get the bed reground, as it's too sweet not to save - but I'd be willing to sell it cheap and let someone else undertake that, or live with the small issues like I've done ten years!  I love this lathe and it's a regretful sale, but I have upgraded to something larger and need the space. Lathe currently on a pallet, we can load with a tractor onto a trailer. Details of Smart & Brown Model A lathes here.



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