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Sold: Adept No.1 Hand-operated Shaper

An original Adept No.1 hand-operated shaping machine - a machine that has seen a very sheltered life and dates from the period 1935 to around 1960, The whole unit has been stripped down, the sliding surfaces polished to ensure smooth action and then lubricated with the correct slideway oil. Considering the original cost, they were very well made and now represent a fascinating introduction to the art of the hand-operated shaper in a compact form. Table 4 x 5 inches, ram travel 4 inches and a down feed of about 2 inches. The clapper box rotates each way about 40 degrees from the vertical. A big advantage over the Alexander and Robblak hand shapers is that the working surface can easily be raised or lowered to accommodate jobs of a different height. Details of Adept shapers here



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