Sold: Deckel FP1 Clone - a Prvomajska ALG-100 Universal Miller

A Prvomajska ALG-100 (Deckel clone) Universal Toolroom Milling Machine fitted with the essential universal tilting and angling table, the rigid plain table, both vertical and slotting heads, an indexing table with a 3-jaw chuck and centring vice and seven imperial collets and four metric collets. This miller works very well with only about 30 thou of backlash on the X-axis, and 15 thou on the Y. The miller has undergone some completely successful repairs in the past breaks in the casting on the top left, just below the y axis, and a dovetail of the Y-axis all fixed - none of the work affects the use of the machine and it remains a very solid and reliable unit. All except the power feeds except downfeed work (probably a shear pin) and there are working linear encoders - the old-style Goodwin DRO no longer updates so could do with replacing. It's a three-phase machine running on a static phase converter. Details of Prvomajska Milling machines here









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