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For Sale: Frikla Tool and Cutter Grinder.

Frikla Tool and Cutter Grinder (full specification and technical details of this model can be found here): This is a very compact, nicely built and versatile machine and,  with a footprint of 16” x 17”, ideal for the home workshop. Motor platform support for grinding spindle allows for it to be moved backwards, forwards & side to side, providing variable clearance. This support is fitted to the column top, can be swivelled on the column and, by a ‘knuckle’ joint, tilted, so adding to its versatilityThese movements carry no graduations which is an unfortunate oversight on the part of the makers. The table is carried on a ‘knee’ like a milling machine. A vertical feedscrew allows the knee to be moved vertically by means of a large diameter handwheel which is graduated 0 – 40 on its periphery and each division represents 0.05mm (0.002”), allowing for very fine adjustment. The large bolt clamping the swivelling motor platform also serves as a ‘stop’ the prevent the elevating screw disengaging from its ‘nut’ on the baseplate. The knee can be clamped on the column by a hand lever. The table support has on its underside a large diameter spigot which is a close fit in a corresponding hole on the knee. A clamping arrangement allows the table to be rotated 90 degrees in each direction against a graduated scale. On the upper side is an inverted dovetail onto which is fitted the ‘saddle’ carrying the table itself and operated by a feedscrew (some backlash) fitted with an adjustable micrometer collar graduated 0-50 in 0.05mm increments (just under 0.002”). Lateral movement of the table is by rack and pinion, either by using a lever which gives rapid movement, or by a special reduction gear operated by a handwheel (shown fitted). None of the table guides are exposed during its travel of around 280mm, and it is fitted with adjustable stops in the T-slot at the front. The top portion of the table, which is 100mm wide and has a central T-slot with a 12mm wide opening, can also be set at an angle up to 5 degrees either side of centre. To aid accurate setting, a fine adjustment screw is fitted. The main elements are carried on a substantial hollow column bolted to the baseplate which is bolted to the cast-iron cabinet. The 3-phase motor is has an integral switch the grinding spindle can be pivoted in a vertical plane which is a help to belt tensioning as well as positioning the grinding wheel. The wheels (2 new ones supplied) are 4 inch diameter max and have a 20mm bore. What appears to be the orginal belt guard is supplied but not fitted and a belt shorter than the new one fitted might be beneficial although it has given me no problems. It does lack accessories but has a universal work holder - non-original but probably from an Astra AR5E; it's fully graduated on each axis, has a 4MT spindle with a reducer to 3MT. It lacks a division plate (simple enough to make) but I've used it successfully by relying on the angular graduations. Adding magnetic table would enable surface grinding of small parts. A very heavy machine, but comes apart easily and moved in an estate car or SUV. The only reason for selling is ‘inheriting’ a bench-mount Union tool and cutter grinder that fits my available space better. Located in Sheffield – please email peter@smithurst.org


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