Sold: Beling & Lubke Vertical & Horizontal Milling Machine

For sale a small, floor-standing vertical and horizontal milling machine by the German maker Belling & Lubke from circa 1900-1914.  This beautifully-constructed miller was once in the BSA factory - it has a BSA plaque - and is in excellent condition with the factory scraping still visible on all slides. Horizontal and vertical MT2 spindles, power feed on the X-axis and counterweight in the body to balance the head. Beautiful mechanics and everything in excellent condition. Comes with a single-phase motor - the pulley is stuck on - and the amazing, original cast belt guards. New belts are needed as the old ones are past repair. Weight around 300kg - I have lifting equipment to help load it. Some details of Belling & Lubke millers here

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United Kingdom
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