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Sold: Centec 2B with Mk.3 vertical head, table power feed, etc.

Sold for the asking price -  my lovely Centec 2B milling machine, which I have owned approximately 10 years. It has seen little use in this time, but has performed well and reliably when expected to. The machine is in very good order all around, with little backlash and smooth, quiet operation. I am not aware of any faults in the machine and expect a buyer will be delighted with it. It runs well in all gears and all speeds. Both spindles are good, with no play and clean unmarked tapers. It is single phase, having been converted before I bought it. It has separate contractors for the main motor and the power feed, with a common emergency stop button. The main motor is rubber mounted and runs without vibration. The motor is sufficiently powerful for taking any cut the machine is capable of, although it does struggle to get up to speed when in the fastest gear and with very cold oil. I always simply ran it at a lower speed for the first minute or two until the oil was less viscous. As can be seen in the photos, it has the beautifully made Mk.3 vertical head, an x-axis power feed complete with both sets of pick off gears, the horizontal overarm including the arbour support and two arbors of 0.75" and 1" diameter. Also with the machine is an original Centec dividing head, complete with tailstock and centres. There are also a number of spares, including feedscrews for all 3 axes and a cast nut for the y-axis. Both spindles are MT2 and the machine comes with most of the MT2 tooling you could want. There are a number of MT2 imperial collets, an insert tipped endmill, a boring head arbor, a drill chuck, a Clarkson Autolock and collets plus some adjusting spanners and a spindle locking spanner. The mill look as if it has had a repaint at some time, perhaps by the previous owner, but if so, it has been done well, with no signs of peeling and good finish everywhere. All the original belt guards are present, including the one not pictured that drives the vertical head. These have the original crackle finish, as does the feed housing on the head and the push button housings for the electrical controls. I have fitted some T-handle slide locks instead of the original Allen key operated ones. All the stops are present on all axes.The mill is currently dismantled, having been brought back from France. It is being replaced by something much larger! I can help load it into your vehicle. i would suggest a van or trailer as the cabinet would struggle to go into an estate car, although it may well fit. If in doubt, I can happily measure it up for you. This is a lovely machine, well equipped and with some rare accessories. I expect it to sell very quickly, as they are really sought after and very versatile and rigid for their size. Any enquiries most welcome. I may be able to offer delivery to someone sufficiently local. Please do not phone much beyond 9 pm as I have a little boy! Details of Centec milling machines can be found here









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Woodford Halse
United Kingdom
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