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Sold: Seneca Falls "Star" 12" x 36" Lathe.

Seneca Fall “Star” lathe 6-inch centre height by 26 inches between centres, backgeared and screwcutting. This lathe has been in the family for many years (more than I have!). It belonged to my late uncle and I spent many hours working on it when I was a schoolboy, mainly making parts for speedway bikes. I bought it from my uncle's family when he died and installed it in my garden shed. It was in use until a couple of years ago but since then I have built a much larger workshop and have other lathes - so I really don't use the "Star" any longer. I've been hanging on to it for nostalgic reasons - but I now need the shed space for other projects and have reluctantly decided to part with it. It’s in super condition, having always been very well maintained. The bed has no damage and everything works just as it should. Some time towards the end of his life my uncle had given it a coat of "Warco" green paint which, in my opinion, looked awful! So when I acquired it I stripped it down and repainted it in black. I think it looks much better….

It comes with the following accessories, all in very good order:

8" 4-jaw Pratt chuck.

6" 3-jaw Pratt chuck with soft jaws.

6 1/2" 3-jaw Crown chuck.

6 1/2" 3-jaw Elliot chuck.

11" Faceplate.

Fixed steady.

Set of changewheels.

It’s fitted with a non-original but well-made 4-way toolpost, though I might have the original "Yankee" toolpost somewhere - but can't promise.
The lathe is mounted on the original cast-iron legs with integral drip/swarf tray and powered by a 2 hp single phase motor—which I am happy to include; it’s a large, heavy old motor but does the job well.

Loading is not a problem as I can move it out of the shed and I have forklift . £600  Phone: 07952-562701  (Lincoln)  Details of Seneca Falls "Star" lathes here



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