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Sold: Myford Super 7 Ser. No. SK 130975

Myford Super 7BPXF 3.5" x 19" backgeared with screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. Mounted on a cabinet stand with large chip tray and the maker's levelling blocks. This lathe was owned from new by my uncle (the second of two he had). I bought it from his family after his death some years ago but since I have other lathes to play with the Myford gets very little use nowadays. I have therefore decided to pass it on to someone who will get more pleasure from it. It was my uncle's pride and joy and, as such, it has always been very well maintained and remains in excellent condition.

It comes with a host of accessories:

3 Jaw chucks (x3) with a variety of inside, outside, hard & soft jaws

4 Jaw chuck


Catchplate and drivers

Rear toolpost

Lever action tailstock spindle

Vertical slide

Fixed steady

Travelling steady

Coolant equipment

Original manual

etc., etc.

Many of the accessories are still in their original boxes and have probably seen little, if any, use.




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United Kingdom
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