Sold: Raglan 5 inch lathe

Raglan 5 Inch. 5” x 24” backgeared, with screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and mounted on the maker's stand with a full-length splashback.

Good overall condition and well equipped, with replacement single-phase ABB 550W motor with a new no-volt release safety switch (wired for forward only). Continuously variable speed, 300 - 1750 in normal range and 35 - 220 in back gear. Variable drive belt is showing some wear - works OK, but struggles at the highest speeds. Very well kitted out with: Burned 5” 3-jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws, Burnerd 6” 4-jaw independent chuck, 6” and 9” faceplates. Maker's collet set, nine 4C collets 1/8” - ½” with  MT4 adapter, ejector ring and draw bar (note - yes 4C, not 5C, they are very rare). Fixed steady, travelling steady, topslide-mounted standard 4-way toolpost, the maker's direct fitting cross-slide 4-way toolpost that can replace the top slide for improved rigidity in heavy turning. Tailstock chuck, catchplate and 2 drive dogs, Live, dead and ½ centres, a spare chuck backplate.. Micrometer saddle stop (these Raglan lathes have a superb saddle feed cut-out system, that works perfectly, allowing repeated cuts to a shoulder to within a thou or so). Metric transposing changewheels, thread-dial indicator, handle to turn the spindle by hand, work light, locking tool cupboard with key, Morse taper reducers to fit spindle nose: MT4 to MT2, MT4 to MT1. Large chip tray with coolant drain, space for coolant tank, accessible from rear. 1-phase electrics. £950  Details of Raglan lathes here



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