Sold: Tom Senior Vertical / Horizontal Milling Machine

SOLD  Tom Senior M1 Vertical / Horizontal Milling Machine with a power-feed table 26" x 6.25" and in full working order. The example is the most versatile version of the M1 and fitted - on the maker's special bracket - with the superb "S-Type" vertical head with an independent motor and a No. 2 Morse taper spindle with both fine feed by worm-and-wheel gearing and a quick-action drilling feed by rack-and-pinion. The head is arranged so that it can be lifted up to allow the horizontal equipment to be mounted--this head arrangement has the advantage of being able to leave the head in place permanently.. The horizontal drive has a separate motor and fitted with a slow speed backgear system that allows both high-speed light and heavy-duty horizontal milling to be undertaken. 1-phase electrics with English motors and push-button starters.


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United Kingdom
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